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Visit wonderful Denmark to get married

Getting married in Denmark? It is possible for foreigners to get married in Denmark. It is easy, fast and can be very romantic. Same sex Marriage in Denmark is a popular choice amongst gay couples who are looking for unique destination weddings. Yes I Do will be honored to organize your perfect day. We believe that it is all about the Big Dreams and the small details. Have a look at our prices and offers here.


Wedding choice No 1

You will have a romantic private wedding in Tønders beautiful old courtroom, with time to enjoy the moment, fresh flowers, champagne and romantic candle light. Tønder is only 5 minutes from the German boarder. Denmark is a world-wide trusted country. Therefore there will be no doubt in the rest of the world regarding the  legality of your marriage. We are available for contact regarding every wish you may have, and when you choose Yes I Do – Wedding Planner, you will feel that you are in control every step of the way. There will no sudden surprises and you can feel confident that your wedding day will be hassle free leaving you free to enjoy every minute of it!

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Romantic town

Tønder is a romantic and historical town. The old town is full of beautiful, narrow cobblestone streets and magnificent houses that will remind you of its former status as a harbour city. The locals  welcome wedding parties from all over the world, and are simply thrilled that they travel from near and far to get married in Tønder. You will never regret choosing wonderful Tønder for one of the biggest decisions in yourlife. Many couples come back years after their ceremony to revisit this wonderful town and area. Tønder is a five minutes drive from the German border, and easily accessible from the international airports of Hamburg and Billund


Unique nature

Tønders neighbor is the Unesco World Heritage “Wadden Sea” with a rich birdlife. The village Højer at the North Sea coastline is definitely worth a visit. Tønder is also home of the royal castle “Schackenborg” It is placed only a five minutes drive away in the little village Møgeltønder. His Royal Highness Prince Joachim and his beautiful family had permanent residence here right up until 2014. It is still possible to visit the castle and the wonderful and romantic palace garden. The area will provide you with wonderful nature experiences and attractions. The fairytale is completed by starling murmurations in the late summer and autum. The thousands of starlings are creating the very special phenomena called “Black Sun” in the evening sky. Discover Tønder and the wonderful nature that surrounds the city

Getting married in Denmark

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