Wedding menu at Restaurant ROS

Restaurant ROS

We sincerely recommend to book your wedding menu at Restaurant ROS. The owners Marcel Rodrigues and Steffen Snitgaard are both skilled chefs. Restaurant ROS is placed in the middle of the old part of the town. The restaurant is included in the White Guide Nordic under the category "Very good". Only one other restaurant in the south of Denmark has the honor of beeing on that list. White Guide Nordic is a list over the 325 best restaurants in the whole nordic part of EU.
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The locals love the two young chefs and the wonderful, personal environment they have created. The menu is seasonal changing and therefore always guaranteed fresh and locally based. The prices are very reasonable within the gourmand experience. The special wedding menu that we recommend will be a perfect dinner for newlyweds and guests.

Menu this month

Wedding Menu -  Only 90€ per couple

Starter: Pan-fried hake with grilled cabbage, mussel cream and parsley oil

Main: Pan-fried duck breast with baked beetroot, apple puree and sauce with duck hearts, pickled onions and smoked marrow

Dessert: Chocolate mousse with vanilla ice cream, roasted almonds and cherries

The ROS experience

A ROS experience 95€  per person
Welcome, snacks, menu, wine menu, water, coffee and petit four

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