Easy Marriage in Denmark

Marry the one you love

These are the documents required to get married in Denmark. You will need to scan and send them to us in advance (and then bring the originals with you when you come). Note that we are acknowledged specialists in dealing with problematic paperwork and advising on legalisation and other issues. If you need to know more then click here to contact Yes I Do Wedding Planners. Remember LOVE WINS

Documents required to get married in Denmark

    1. THE NOTICE OF MARRIAGE. OPEN-PDF - Please print out, fill in, date and sign. To download you may need to save the file first and then open. Otherwise we’ll email you a copy.
    2. COPY OF YOUR PASSPORTS (You will need entry stamps, residence permit or Schengen visa pasted in. The originals must be brought along to the wedding ceremony and presented to the officials)
    3. BIRTH CERTIFICATES. If you have them.
    4. CIVIL STATUS CERTIFICATE, also known as ”Letter of ”Non-Impediment” (original) (From the city hall where you are living. Included: name, birthday and birthplace, single documentation, address and nationality. Not older than 4 months) in the original and in a certified translated version, if not issued in English, German or Danish.
    5. DIVORCED OR A WIDOW (Divorce decree/death certificate. Please note: The Marital Status Certificate, the divorce decree/death certificate must be submitted in the original and in a certified translated version, if not issued in English, German or Danish.
Please email this to: contact@weddingsindk.com or send documents by registered post to:
Yes I Do ApS, Siltoftvej 8, DK-6280 Højer, Denmark

As soon as we have received your documents, we will check them thoroughly and have them approved by the local authorities so you can be certain that everything is in order. When (and only when) we are sure everything is in order, we will send you an email and let you know if your priority wedding date is available or we will find a vacant date that will suit your wishes.


After the ceremony:

You receive your marriage certificate in 5 languages

If you want, we can take a second certificate and have it apostilled by the Danish Foreign Ministry (50€)

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