Special offer

Exclusive free Wedding Photoshoot

Special offer, free photoshoot

We are offering a fantastic FREE Wedding Photoshoot.  Julia Pinnau is our  professional and acclaimed photographer.  Book your wedding to get this fantastic free offer.

All you have to do, is to book our Old Courtroom Wedding or Special Location Packages .
Then you will get the exclusive FREE Wedding Photoshoot. Th photoshoot has the value of 380€.

This fantastic offer in details:
2 Hours photoshoot 
6 Portraitphotos 
50-100 Professional reportage pictures on a CD
6 Photoprints in the format 13 x 18 cm

The Old Courthouse with the beautiful hall and staircase is great for pictures before or after the wedding ceremony. 

See the profile of Julia Pinnau 

Special offer, free photoshoot

On your wedding day a really good wedding photographer will work seamlessly to get great shots in the least amount of time possible to let you get on with enjoying your day with guests and family, you should also have a good time doing it. Great wedding photographers make it look easy, but that is why they are great wedding photographers. If you have made the wrong decision, be it through budget or lack of research, your wedding day could be spoiled by a grumpy, slow, disorganised wedding photographer that reacts badly to pressure or takes up all of your wedding day taking photographs you don’t want or asked for. Always sent us a list of your wishes for photos before the wedding date.

The old courthous har various facilities for great wedding photoss. So although the weather is not perfect your photos will still be

Your own ideas are very welcome. Do you wan ta relaxed atmosphere, or more solemnly,- is up to you.

There are lot of inspirations pages for great wedding photos on Pinterest and other social media.
Your imagination is the only limit.