Wedding cake traditions

Wedding cake traditions

Cutting The Cake  Wedding cake traditions

Most would feel that a wedding is not a wedding without the wedding cake.

cutting_the_cakeFamily, friends and photographers alike look forward to the moment when the couple join hands around the cake knife and cut the first slice of cake. Not only will your guests finally get to taste the gorgeous creation they've been eyeing throughout your reception, it is a classic wedding moment, up there with the first kiss and first dance.

These days, the tradition of cutting the cake as a couple is ever more popular. The groom will place his hand over the bride and help her in slice the first piece. The couple will have to cut through the bottom layer to symbolize the continuity of their relationship. The meaning of the groom having his hand over his bride means his support to his bride while the bride allowing the groom’s hand on top of her means her ability to take care of her new husband and her family.

Once the cake has been cut, the groom will feed his bride, and then the bride will go second. This ritual symbolizes their commitment to provide for each other, and contains the meaning of good luck and fortune.



guld_bageren_toender♛ Guldbageren "Vor Bager" Local delights ♛

Together with our local pastry the Yes I DO wedding cake was designet to taste and look the best.

It turned out as a "Sarah Bernhardt" and raspberry mousse filled cake.  Coated beautifully with marcipan and flower decorations. If you have special wishes for your personal wedding cake, we can of course costume  make the cake of your dreams.

Cake 6 pers price 70€. For additonal persons 10€ each.
Please notice the speciel wedding cake is included in the Yes I Do Old Courtroom package and in the Special Location wedding